Our Community

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"Our Community"... This activity is a wonderful way to broaden your children’s horizons and help them learn about the world beyond home–their community. With eight A4 cards each of a place in our community (supermarket, school, post office, fire station, restaurant, library, police station and hospital). The cards are made of strong white card with matte lamination which make them durable and easy to wipe.
You will be pleasantly surprised by the 48 high-quality,  matte laminated photographic magnets. Each magnet  has a clearly photographed item that has been carefully selected to reflect items, persons and actions we see and do in places of the community. Items included in this pack are stamp, stethoscope, trolley, siren, doctor, teacher, library card, quiet, chef, cutlery and lots lots more.

Play and learn

Place the magnetic pictures in front of the child along with the activity cards. The child has to match each picture word (item/person/action) with its corresponding theme or purpose by placing the magnetic pictures in the spaces provided.

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