Set of 12 beechwood puzzles


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Record and assign shapes, sizes, heights and quantities
In the first two years, toddlers acquire a wide range of sensorimotor skills. You learn by repeating, trying and understanding. The material (beech) impresses with the “1-function principle”: There is no distraction from color, colorful imprints or sound. The ability to concentrate is challenged and built up by performing an activity.

Concentration on the essentials
Because the material takes itself back in shape and color, it does not overwhelm the playing child. By doing things independently and using the self-controlling system, the children can understand and understand what they have learned. Your children will thus have their first experiencesObject permanence and constancy of form .

Material: Beech


puzzle shapes
– circle: Ø base 22.3 cm, circles: Ø 4.9 – 8.9 cm
– square : base 22.2 cm, squares: 4.7 – 8.5 cm
– triangle: Side length 22.2 cm. Triangles: side length 8.7 cm

pegging game shapes
 base 30.3 cm, width 6.8 cm
 circle: Ø 4.9 cm
 rectangle: 4.8 cm, width 3 cm

pegging game square : base 30.3 cm, width 6.8 cm; Square: 5 cm
pegging game triangle : base 33.5 cm, width 6.8 cm; Triangle: height 5 cm, side length 5.7 cm
pegging game circle: Base 30.3 cm, width 6.8 cm, circle: Ø 4.9 cm

pegging game shapes
 base 36.7 x 31.5 cm
 square: largest 8.2 cm, height 5.5 cm
 triangle: largest Length 12.1 cm, height 10.2 cm, depth 5.5 cm
 circle: largest Ø 8 cm

puzzle shapes
 base 22.5 cm
 triangles: 10 x 14 cm
 square 4.9 x 4.9 cm
 Circle: Ø 5 cm

stacking game circle total height : 21.8 cm
stacking game triangle total height : 23 cm
stacking game square total height : 22.3 cm
Ref: 56144