Vehicle Storytime Pack


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All aboard’ this exciting Storytime Set. Everything you need to find out about getting around in familiar and unusual modes of transport. A great accompaniment to our On the Move Tuff Tray Mat and Kit.

Includes: Journey Home from Grandpa’s Story Book
Cars, planes, boats, trains and even a pink tractor, you’ll meet them all in this popular story book. Follow a family in their bouncy yellow car and look for all the different forms of transportation on the way home from Grandpa’s.

Look Inside: Things that Go Non Fiction Book
Lift the many flaps in this sturdy information book to discover what happens inside boats, bikes, planes, cars, buses and more. Includes lots of things to spot and talk about, from bulldozers rumbling around building sites and fire engines rushing to emergencies to jumbo jets soaring in the sky.

First Jigsaws: Transport
These bright transport puzzles feature an aeroplane, train, boat, car, helicopter and bus. With two simple chunky pieces to fit together, this jigsaw is perfect for younger children and will help to develop hand-eye coordination.

Vehicles Pack
Time to get busy and add some extra traffic. Set includes: four colourful cars, three emergency vehicles, a bus and a tow truck with a magnetic winch to pull stranded vehicles.

Drawstring Bag

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