Interlocking Cubes, Pk. 50 in box


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Betzold Cube Control System, plug-in cubes

  • Cube Control base material
  • 50 cubes
  • 5 colors


Learning to calculate in a playful way
The plug-in cubes are the basic material for our Cube Control learning system. Use the cubes in class together with the Cube Control work cards (please order separately) and let your students solve the tasks with them. If all the tasks are solved correctly, the cubes that are put together form a color code. The students can check for themselves whether the code has been cracked correctly on the back of the work cards.

Please note that the Cube Control work cards are not included in the scope of delivery.


10x plug-in cubes, blue
10x plug-in cubes, yellow
10x plug-in cubes, red
10x plug-in cubes, white
10x plug-in cubes, green
Storage box

Ref: 85547