Big Wooden Knob Puzzle ( Garden Theme)


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Gripping Puzzle “In the Green”

Educationally valuable puzzle fun

  • made of high quality wood
  • 4 animals in a colorful frame
  • large gripping button on each part

Puzzle fun for the youngest
Nanu? The bee and her friends have got lost and want to return to their place on the wooden puzzle. Using the given shapes, the children puzzle the 4 animals back into the frame piece by piece. Corresponding illustrations ensure that the little puzzle masters simply assign the individual parts. Here are hand-eye coordination , the fine motor skills and imagination trained and logical thinking playfully encouraged. Children from the age of 12 months develop a feeling for shapes and colors.

In addition, actively encourage the children toSpeak and tell . With questions such as:
– “Where is the ladybug?”
– “What color is the bee?”
– “What does the butterfly?”
– “What’s so special about a worm?”