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The revolutionary Kinetic Sand is magic sand. A modeling clay with a touch and sand shape but it is compact. Play with it, mold it, cut it, you can let it slip between your fingers and there will be no trace of the sand between them.

Kinetic Sand Characteristics

Does not stain or stick.
It is soft and tactilely reminiscent of sand, without a doubt perfect sand for modeling.
– 1 kg Kinetic Sand magic sand pack.
– Crafts of this type are ideal for working fine motor skills through free play and promoting creative play.
– Kinetic Sand is 98% made of natural sand.
– Gluten free and allergen free.
– Leaves no residue and hands remain clean during play.
– Easy to clean. Leaves no residue. You just have to join it and she will collect the nearby remains herself.
– Avoid using sand with water. If it gets wet, we must let it dry for a couple of hours so that it recovers its properties.