Magnetic Traffic Lights


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Betzold magnetic behavior traffic light

  • helps to implement rules
  • illustrates misconduct
  • different application possibilities


This traffic light helps you to implement rules in class and to highlight misconduct.

Pictures usually make more than a thousand words. Use this simple insight and visualize the behavior of your class using traffic light faces. The 3 different traffic light faces in connection with the classic traffic light colors are known to all children and make it clear immediately what they each stand for.

You can use this traffic light in 2 ways:
– As a general behavior indicator of the class as a whole e.g. B. relating to noise, behavior, cooperation, compliance with rulesetc. Is the class e.g. B. very attentive and works well, the yellow and red traffic lights are covered. The green traffic light remains visible, indicating that the teacher is satisfied with the current status. If the behavior or cooperation of the class becomes increasingly worse, the traffic light “jumps” to yellow (the red and green traffic light fields are covered). At this point the teacher can point out that the traffic light “moves” to red if the behavior does not lead to improvement. Each teacher can determine the respective rules of the game individually and at their own discretion.

– In connection with the name tags, this traffic light can also be used as a personal behavior indicator. Here, no traffic light is covered, but all fields remain visible. The names of all students are written on the name tags with whiteboard pens. The starting point for all students is the green traffic light. If a student violates a rule of conduct, the teacher could first point out that further misconduct would result in the name card being moved to yellow. If this does not lead to improvement, the sign moves to the red traffic light field.

The traffic light is magnetic and can therefore be attached to all magnetic surfaces. There are two eyelets for hanging if no magnetic surface is available.

– magnetic traffic light (40.5 x 26 cm)
– 40 magnetic whiteboard name tags (2 x 6 cm)
– 2 magnetic cover plates (Ø 13 cm)

Ref: 74593