Southridge H02 n/s in Louis Wettinger Str. Mellieha MLH 1982, Malta (Europe).

VAT No: MT1658 4532

Quote Number QUO-0021
Quote Date 26/05/2021
Total €5,605.52
Billing address
Ms. Ann Marie Ellul
Qawra Primary School
Triq il-Port Ruman
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/Price Sub Total
6Dotted Dice - red4.8734.50
4Number Dice4.8723.00
5Euro Coins5.7634.00
3Euro Notes6.4822.95
12Interlocking Cubes9.75138.00
5Playing Cards Premium1.026.00
3Board Compass Classic13.1446.50
1Counting bears18.3921.70
1pencil grips10.1712.00
23Dice (moulded foam 5 cm) pack of 34.66126.50
1100 wooden blocks (Natural)26.8231.65
3Wooden pattern blocks24.9288.20
7Beaker Set - Set of 75.5946.20
12Large Geometric Solids46.61660.00
4Hundreds pocket chart32.20152.00
3Large Protractor12.8045.30
4Set Squares12.8060.40
1Meter ruler9.4911.20
8Magnetic Demo Clock18.64176.00
8Teaching clock - What's the time?25.34239.20
64Individual Clock1.36102.40
7Magnetic Fraction Circles41.53343.00
4Geoboards Pk 614.4168.00
20Double sided geoboards (singles)2.5460.00
5Magnetic Letters and Numbers14.0783.00
2Pan Balance15.2135.90
2Digital Kitchen Scales20.0847.40
2Magnetic Euro Notes and Coins39.6293.50
2Animal Puzzle Set of 915.6837.00
2Jungle Animals Puzzle7.4617.60
3Giant Foam Dice Pair12.9245.75
6Set of 12 ultrafoam dice29.45208.50
6Knead a Ball2.0814.70
1Grotto Grips3.604.25
2Tape measures20.7649.00
6Magnetic Trestle Board167.161,183.50
4Giant Foam Dice Numbers7.9237.40
6Giant Foam Dice Dots7.9256.10
1Counting bears18.3921.70
23Dice (moulded foam 5 cm) pack of 34.66126.50
7Magnetic Fraction Strips83.60690.55
8Pair of Magnetic Clock Faces33.22313.60
54Individual Clock1.3686.40
2Antarctica Toob21.9951.90
2Ocean Jar23.5655.60
2Giant Bug Collection130.08307.00
2Large sand timer - 1 min11.8628.00
2Large sand timer - 3 mins11.8628.00
2Large sand timer - 5 mins11.8628.00
Total:5,605.52 (includes 855.09 VAT)