Southridge H02 n/s in Louis Wettinger Str. Mellieha MLH 1982, Malta (Europe).

VAT No: MT1658 4532

Quote Number QUO-0101
Quote Date 14/09/2021
Total €11,932.83
Billing address
Roberta Meli
Tarxien Childcare
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/Price Sub Total
6Custom mat 2cm67.80480.00
5Custom wall protection 2cm108.05637.50
24Custom wall protections97.032,748.00
1Custom Column Protection500.00590.00
10Stackable cot47.03555.00
1Waves crash Mat262.71310.00
1Balancing Bar97.46115.00
1Mirror 120 x 50 cm Aluminum frame108.05127.50
3High chair105.08372.00
2Circular wooden Table177.97420.00
1Play Shop & Theatre (2 in 1)218.60257.95
30Plastic chairs Ergo - Cherry Red, 30cm22.88810.00
2Storage furniture, 2 shelves, with doors232.20548.00
2Storage furniture, 2 shelves179.66424.00
1Crocodile Wall Toy168.64199.00
1Aeroplane Wall Toy183.05216.00
3Rectangular wooden table - Yellow, 53cm165.25585.00
1Open Costumes Rack293.22346.00
1Horse Costume Rack353.39417.00
1Fun Center474.58560.00
1All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)107.63127.00
2Motorcycle with rubber wheels63.56150.00
1Crocodile Rocker44.9253.00
1Set 16417.58492.75
1Furniture for shoes custom 35 boxes420.34496.00
1Custom pigeon holes furniture802.54947.00
1pigeon holes for nappies233.05275.00
Total:11,932.83 (includes 1,820.23 VAT)