Southridge H02 n/s in Louis Wettinger Str. Mellieha MLH 1982, Malta (Europe).

VAT No: MT1658 4532

Quote Number QUO-0241
Quote Date 23/02/2022
Total €743.64
Billing address
Guardian Angel Resource Centre
Att: Mr. Joseph Farrugia
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/Price Sub Total
1Large Wooden Domino24.6229.05
1Eco-Friendly Junior Rainbow Pebbles® - Pk4430.8536.40
1Junior Rainbow Pebbles Earth Colours Pk. 3623.0527.20
1Target Maths Pk. 321.0224.80
1Target Maths additional ball set7.428.75
1Linking Cubes Classroom Set101.91120.25
1Set of 6 large dry wipe dice44.4552.45
1Soft Rubber Dice Pair 7.5cm8.399.90
1Basic Pattern Block Cards (Pk. 20)17.0320.10
1Translucent Pattern Blocks (Pk. 245)15.6418.45
1Attribute Blocks - Desk set17.0320.10
1Large Geometric Solids53.2662.85
1Liquid volume measurement set36.8243.45
1Classroom Thermometer6.828.05
1School Tachometer / Trundle wheel28.3533.45
1Jumbo Timer COunt Up/Down (Red)7.208.50
1Multifunctional balance35.5942.00
1Weights with white print23.3927.60
1Metal Weight Set8.4710.00
1Large School balance metal - 5 kg100.00118.00
1Wooden Four in a Row49.4558.35
Total:743.64 (includes 113.43 VAT)