Southridge H02 n/s in Louis Wettinger Str. Mellieha MLH 1982, Malta (Europe).

VAT No: MT1658 4532

Quote Number QUO-0328
Quote Date 20/06/2022
Total €2,633.10
Billing address
The Peak Rents
Att. Ms. Rachel Lombardo
VAT: MT28793018
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/Price Sub Total
1Mini Treasures Pack64.5876.20
1Wooden Kettle and Toaster Set58.4769.00
1Wooden Cut and Play Cake26.4431.20
1Colourful Wooden Shop Scales26.5331.30
1Doll's Stroller Bulk Saver Set43.6451.50
1Basic Dolls' House129.49152.80
1Little People Stone Counters77.9792.00
1African Boy Puppet13.2615.65
1European Girl Puppet13.2615.65
1African Girl Puppet13.2615.65
1European Boy Puppet13.2615.65
2Large tweezers16.5339.00
2Stringing Solids37.9289.50
1Giant Stacking Cups24.0328.35
1Pre-School Music Box159.75188.50
2Dabber Do Pack20.5948.60
3Tub of Chubby Brushes (Bulk Saver)49.92176.70
3Tub of Modelling Tools36.53129.30
2First Smock Pack Bulk Saver56.14132.50
2Continuous Provision Tadboards - Bulk Saver79.58187.80
1Ready Mixed Paint 5L BULK SAVER - Yellow40.6848.00
1Ready Mixed Paint 5L BULK SAVER - Green40.6848.00
1Ready Mixed Paint 5L BULK SAVER - Blue40.6848.00
1Ready Mixed Paint 5L BULK SAVER - Red40.6848.00
1Ready Mixed Paint 5L BULK SAVER - purple40.6848.00
1Ready Mixed Paint 5L BULK SAVER - Orange40.6848.00
1Ready Mixed Paint 5L BULK SAVER - White40.6848.00
1Ready Mixed Paint 5L BULK SAVER - Black40.6848.00
2Plastic Rolling Pins. Pk. 1013.5632.00
2Chubby Crayons, Bulk Saver25.4260.00
1Outdoor Messy Kitchen with 3 bowls652.12769.50
3Tuff Tray & Stand87.29309.00
1Set 32311.57367.65
3Pegs to Paper Step 1 Linking Pegboard Set + QR Code13.5648.00
2Geometric Sorter12.2528.90
1Large sand timer - 1 min11.8614.00
1Large sand timer - 3 mins11.8614.00
1Large sand timer - 5 mins11.8614.00
-€1,059.32 Deposit:-1,250.00
Total:2,633.10 (includes 401.64 VAT)