Southridge H02 n/s in Louis Wettinger Str. Mellieha MLH 1982, Malta (Europe).

VAT No: MT1658 4532

Quote Number QUO-0331
Quote Date 20/06/2022
Total €924.33
Billing address
Little Legends
Att: JD Patrick
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/Price Sub Total
1Counting Pops22.4626.50
3Storage Box4.0314.25
3Microfibre cloth0.421.50
2Ecoline 14cm Tipper Truck5.9314.00
1Ecoline 14 cm Digger5.937.00
1Ecoline 14cm Backloader5.937.00
1Water Blaster Pipette Set Pk. 32.803.30
1Eco-Friendly Junior Rainbow Pebbles® - Pk4430.8536.40
1Dinosaur Skulls18.6422.00
1Mini Insects Set21.4425.30
1Puzzle Jungle animals8.8110.40
1Puzzle Transport8.8110.40
1Lowercase Alphabet Puzzle9.4911.20
1Farm animal sponge stamps7.208.50
1Assorted shapes sponge stamps7.038.30
1Wooden Puzzle - Ladybug2.973.50
1Wooden Puzzle - Butterfly2.973.50
1Wooden Puzzle - Bee2.973.50
2Ready mixed paint - blue2.114.98
15 Colour Pots in Box (Nexus)7.508.85
1Large Beads Set31.2336.85
5Brushes with anti-drip - (thick brush) - sold in single units2.1612.75
3Brushes with anti-drip - (thin brush) - sold in single units0.933.30
4Chubby Brushes (Single Units)0.934.40
3Non-Roll Brushes (Sold in single units)1.144.05
4Bucket, Translucent2.6712.60
1Spade, Yellow3.313.90
1TreeNSide Sorting Trays, Set of 6 (Large)10.6812.60
2Garden Wheelbarrow32.8477.50
2Chubby Crayons6.3615.00
1TreeNside Sand Shovel - Curry2.122.50
1TreeNside Sand Shovel - Coral2.122.50
1TreeNside Sand Shovel - Green2.122.50
1TreeNside Sand Shovel - Pastel Blue2.122.50
15 litre ready mixed paints - Black13.5616.00
15 litre ready mixed paints - Red13.5616.00
15 litre ready mixed paints - Green13.5616.00
15 litre ready mixed paints - Yellow13.5616.00
15 litre ready mixed paints - White13.5616.00
3Tuff Tray & Stand87.29309.00
1Tuff Tray - Black22.0326.00
1Sand and Water Shell (Blue)22.0326.00
1Fossil Collection23.4727.70
3Plastic chairs Ergo - Yellow, 26cm22.8881.00
Total:924.33 (includes 140.97 VAT)