Southridge H02 n/s in Louis Wettinger Str. Mellieha MLH 1982, Malta (Europe).

VAT No: MT1658 4532

Quote Number QUO-0504
Quote Date 13/01/2023
Total €3,156.71
Billing address
Qawra Primary School
Att: Ms. Pauline Cassar
Qawra Primary School
Triq il Port Ruman
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/Price Sub Total
1Sensory Sound Cubes19.3622.85
1Triangle Balance Panels84.0799.20
1Balance Path118.64140.00
1Smell : fruits and their smell27.1232.00
1Light Table288.69340.65
1Light Panel and Table Set (A2)199.79235.75
1Splats - Pk1022.2526.25
1Rainbow Blocks33.0539.00
1Sensory blocks52.4661.90
1Sensory Squares28.6433.80
1Silishapes Dot Numbers Green7.849.25
1Silishapes Trace Numbers Yellow Pk. 109.6611.40
1Silishapes Trace Alphabet - Pink18.6021.95
1Silishapes Linking People16.8219.85
1Set of 12 translucent Geometric Solids13.8116.30
1Geo Sensory Shapes21.3125.15
1Sensory Geo String Shapes35.1741.50
1Tactile and Visual Dominoes21.4025.25
1Sensory Wooden Dominos39.9647.15
1Textures Domino24.7029.15
1Bubble tube353.39417.00
1Bubble tube in block499.58589.50
1Colour Changin Sensory Bubble Tube163.98193.50
1Agility Ladder31.0236.60
1Sandpaper numbers ( tactile )19.7023.25
1Sandpaper dots17.8021.00
1Sensomotoric Balls, Pk. 6, 11cm16.9520.00
1Sensomotoric Balls, Pk. 6 23cm28.1433.20
1Sensory ball pack Assorted pk 2041.9549.50
1Sensory Ooze Tube Set30.8536.40
1Space Projector200.85237.00
1Ocean Waves Projector46.9155.35
1Puzzle Garden8.8110.40
1Puzzle Transport8.8110.40
1Puzzle family7.639.00
1Puzzle family7.639.00
1Puzzle Train8.8110.40
1Super Crawl Tunnel50.2159.25
1Super Cross Tunnel110.25130.10
1hoola hoop4.495.30
1Bean Bags15.0017.70
1Pegs to Paper Step 1 Linking Pegboard Set + QR Code13.5616.00
1Small Meal18.2221.50
1Cutting fruit20.0423.65
1Little tray Fruits11.2513.27
1Little Tray meal11.2513.27
1Fiber Optic Lamp19.0322.45
1Bluetooth Disco Ball102.12120.50
Total:3,156.71 (includes 481.55 VAT)