Southridge H02 n/s in Louis Wettinger Str. Mellieha MLH 1982, Malta (Europe).

VAT No: MT1658 4532

Quote Number QUO-0539
Quote Date 15/03/2023
Total €8,610.47
Billing address
Chanise Mifsud
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/Price Sub Total
5Extension for Caterpillar Hanger77.97460.00
3Wooden Clothes Hanger Caterpillar77.97276.00
25Stackable cot47.031,387.50
2Medium shelving with 2 bays of trays592.371,398.00
36Plastic chairs Ergo - Blue, 26cm22.88972.00
5Circular wooden Table250.851,480.00
1Jurassic Pro Package61.8673.00
1Wheelbarrow Package53.5663.20
2Edge Protector Roll42.0399.20
10PVC corner protections (2 m) - light blue23.73280.00
8Opaque Finger protection - 18031.78300.00
1Cushion storage with stand93.22110.00
1Square Pillows 20 Pieces355.93420.00
1Foam Train Set533.90630.00
1Toilet Separator254.24300.00
1Book shelf with sides118.39139.70
5Corkboard, Aluminium Frame (90 x 60 cm)42.37250.00
3How to wash your hands Chart2.9710.50
2Tuff tray stand93.22220.00
Total:8,610.47 (includes 1,313.47 VAT)