Southridge H02 n/s in Louis Wettinger Str. Mellieha MLH 1982, Malta (Europe).

VAT No: MT1658 4532

Quote Number QUO-0146
Quote Date 26/10/2021
Total €560.48
Billing address
Nadur Primary School
Att: Ms. Maria Grima, Asst. Head of School
Gozo College, Nadur Primary
Triq it-Tigrija
Nadur, Gozo
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/Price Sub Total
1Big Peg Puzzle Pond7.128.40
1Puzzle Garden8.059.50
1Puzzle Transport8.059.50
1Puzzle Jungle animals7.639.00
1Silishapes Soft Bricks Pk 2425.2129.75
1Sorting fruits17.8021.00
1Sequencing flashcards23.0127.15
1Rainbow Stackers16.4419.40
1Dinner Set in Net - 4 ppl11.8213.95
1Basic Sequences Zaro & Nita 112.7115.00
1Basic Sequences Zaro & Nita 212.7115.00
1Remarkable Letters21.3125.15
1Set of multi sensory pre - writing tray and board17.8021.00
1Catch and Count (Maths Game)9.1110.75
1Big Number Jigsaw15.6418.45
1Assorted large buttons12.7115.00
1Insert Numbers12.5814.85
1Lacing Blocks - Pirates15.1317.85
1Counting Cards to 10025.4230.00
1Double sided snowflakes (Large)20.0023.60
1Pairing screws24.4528.85
1Lacing farm14.1916.75
1Lacing Vehicles14.1916.75
1Linking Flower Set (Big)14.8317.50
1Stickle Bricks33.4339.45
1Transport Sorting Set (Vehicles)16.0218.90
1Counting bears18.3921.70
1Puzzle Train7.639.00
1Large Beads Set26.9131.75
1Pegs to Paper Step 1 Linking Pegboard Set + QR Code13.5616.00
1Sorting farm animals18.6422.00
1TreeNSide Sorting Trays, Set of 6 (Large)10.6812.60
1Paint Sticks10.3412.20
Total:560.48 (includes 85.49 VAT)