Southridge H02 n/s in Louis Wettinger Str. Mellieha MLH 1982, Malta (Europe).

VAT No: MT1658 4532

Quote Number QUO-0030
Quote Date 02/06/2021
Total €284.95
Billing address
Ms. Maria Micallef
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/Price Sub Total
2Air Dry Clay, 1 kg4.9211.60
12Wooden Rolling Pins ( Singles )1.8626.40
6Double Hole Scissors2.1215.00
1Alphabet & Number Cutter Set14.0316.55
1Alphabet Cutters3.394.00
1Animal Cutters3.474.10
1Cutters (Fruit)3.474.10
1Cutters (Jungle)3.474.10
1Double Hole Scissors - Left Handed2.202.60
1Glitter Pom Poms Pack4.665.50
1Googly Eyes Set of 200 pcs2.422.85
1Glitter Shakers Pk. 63.564.20
1Lollipop Sticks Pk. 50010.2112.05
1Lollipop Sticks, Pk. 250.550.65
1Pipe Cleaners3.143.70
1Tinsel Pipe Cleaners - 15 cm2.032.40
1Pom Pom School Pack5.256.20
1Small Scrapers Pk. 42.543.00
1Washable PVA glue 1 litre3.604.25
1Wooden Dough Tool Set11.4013.45
1Ready mixed paint - Yellow2.112.49
1Ready mixed paint - red2.112.49
1Ready mixed paint - green2.112.49
1Ready mixed paint - turqoise2.112.49
1Ready mixed paint - orange2.112.49
1Ready mixed paint - purple2.112.49
1Ready mixed paint - brown2.112.49
1Ready mixed paint - black2.112.49
1Ready mixed paint - white2.112.49
1Ready mixed paint - blue2.112.49
1Sand Castle Molds6.237.35
1Tempera Paint Green 1 LITRE4.705.55
1Tempera Paint RED 1 LITRE4.705.55
1Tempera Paint Blue - 1 LITRE4.705.55
1Tempera Paint Yellow - 1 LITRE4.705.55
1Tempera Paint - ORANGE - 1 LITRE4.705.55
1Tempera Paint BROWN - 1 LITRE4.705.55
1Tempera Paint BLACK - 1 LITRE4.705.55
1Tempera Paint WHITE - 1 LITRE4.705.55
1Tempera Paint - SILVER - 1 LITRE6.788.00
1Tempera Paint - GOLD - 1 LITRE6.788.00
1Farm animal sponge stamps7.208.50
1Assorted shapes sponge stamps7.038.30
1Fruit Sponge stamps7.038.30
1Stamps - Transport (sponge)7.038.30
1A5 Bumper Foam Sheet Pk. 205.766.80
6Brushes with anti-drip - (thin brush) - sold in single units0.936.60
6Brushes with anti-drip - (thick brush) - sold in single units1.9513.80
Total:284.95 (includes 43.48 VAT)