Googly Eyes Set of 200 pcs


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Giant loose eye set, 200 pieces

  • different sizes
  • movable pupils
  • Must have in the craft cupboard

The moveable wiggle eyes are wonderful for crafting figures or funny decorating greeting cards or gift packaging.
The set consists of a large selection of different sizes (Ø 4, 7, 10 and 15 mm), so there is something for every craft idea.

The loose eyes are not self-adhesive !

Number: 200

Set, 200 pieces

50 loose eyes Ø 4mm; 2.5mm high
50 loose eyes Ø 7mm, 2.7mm high
50 loose eyes Ø 10mm, 3.5mm high
50 loose eyes Ø 15mm, 3.7mm high