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Student wall-
mounted coat racks for classrooms The stable student wall-mounted coat racks from Betzold offer space for jackets, hats, scarves and gym bags and thus ensure more order in and in front of the class. The 8 mm thick safety hooks are shielded so that there is no risk of injury. They are mounted at a distance of 12 cm from one another and aligned to the rear. All steel parts were firmly welded together.

Clearly arranged cloakrooms – so that everything has its place
Items of clothing and gym bags that are hung over chairs or lying on the floor can quickly become tripping hazards in the classroom. Avoid such sources of danger in your classroom and keep your school in order. The practical student wall-mounted cloakrooms are space-saving and easy to use for students. They can be installed quickly and easily at the correct height using the screws and dowels included in the delivery.

Thanks to the stable student wall-mounted cloakrooms, your students learn to keep things tidy right from the start. You can find your belongings quickly and simply hang up everything you don’t need in class in front of the classroom.

Schoolchildren’s wall-mounted cloakrooms by Betzold
The high-quality wall coat racks are available in the colors red, white, blue and yellow, as well as in two different lengths: The 1 m long coat rack is equipped with 12 individual hooks; the 1.5 m long with 18 hooks. All student wall-mounted cloakrooms can be combined with one another. The Betzold online shop offers stable basic and add-on shelves for shoes and boots to match the student wall-mounted cloakrooms. Discover a lot of sturdy school furniture and high-quality school equipment from us and order it online now. We are happy to help!

Choose from:
– hook bar 1.0m – 6 double hooks / 12 single hooks – hook bar
1.5m – 9 double hooks / 18 single hooks

– Distance between the double hooks about 11.5cm
– Distance between the individual hooks approx. 3.2 cm
– total hook height approx. 15 cm

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