Gear Game


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Betzold construction kit – gears

340 parts made of sturdy plastic

  • build, construct and discover
  • including practical storage box
  • Different sizes of gears

Get to know mechanics in a playful way
If you get the hang of it here, you can move an entire gear train with just one crank. Little designers build the best 2- and 3-dimensional constructions on the plug-in boards and get to know the drive principle of the bicycle and other simple mechanical processes. You will understand the principle of cause and effect in a playful way. The children can build according to instructions or combine the different colored parts themselves. All parts are made of unbreakable and washable plastic.

large gear: Ø 11.8 cm 0.9 cm deep
middle gear: Ø 8.7 cm 0.9 cm deep
small gear: Ø 5.8 cm 0.9 cm deep
Hole in the middle: Ø 0.9 cm
building board: 31 x 22 x 1 cm

scope of delivery340 parts including a practical storage box
– 4 gears with 6 teeth
– 4 gears with 8 teeth
– 4 gears with 14 teeth
– 12 gears with 10 teeth

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