Snap X – Starter Set 100 pcs


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SNAP-X starter set, 100 pieces

  • wonderfully simple click system
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • made in Germany

100 colorful pieces for versatile fun
The ingenious construction game with 100 colorful pieces is ideal for amazing constructions and wonderful constructions. All SNAP-X components can be connected to each other using a simple click system.

Playfully promoted
In addition to creativity, motor skills are also promoted when playing with the Snap-X components. All constructions can be expanded and rebuilt again and again in no time at all.
Please note: game accessories such as figures, animals, cars, balls are not included in the set.

Convincing special features of the Betzold SNAP-X
– promotes imagination, creativity and above all motor skills
– components can be expanded, infinitely modified, put together and pulled apart
– a lot of motivation through quick success stories
– made in Germany
– wonderfully simple click system
– suitable for inside and outside
– robust and long-lasting

example applications for use in school
– expert instruction: bridge building, ramp construction, inclined plane, slingshot, seesaw
– expert instruction: urban planning. With the building blocks, houses, churches, etc. can be quickly created as buildings and placed on designed areas.
– Mathematics: three-dimensional building, experience of statics, connection options
– Mathematics: geometry in space: cube networks, cuboids and polygonal polygons
– Afternoon classes: free play and building
– Team building: creating great things together. The flexibility allows different structures to be connected to one another. An entire group of children can work together on a large building.

Example applications for use in the daycare center
 perfect for the building corner: building and constructing
– promotes motor skills and imagination
– Suitable for entire groups of children, since large buildings can be worked on together.
– appeals to boys and girls equally
– role play, in combination with existing play material (cars, animal figures, flexible puppets, dinosaurs, etc.), the children create their own play worlds
– can be converted at any time – the components are “puzzled” into one another with the simple click system.
– Imaginative playing

basic dimensions of the parts: approx. 7 x 7 cm

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