Counting Cards to 1000


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Betzold representation of numbers and significance

Who knows about status values?

  • Exercises on the decimal system
  • different levels of difficulty
  • with self-control

Action-oriented mathematics
lessons Numbers are printed on the cards in various forms. The task now is to match the cards with the same value to each other. Depending on the children’s level of learning, pairs, triplets, quartets … should be found or numbers should be reconstructed using basic tens.

All details at a glance
– Format: DIN A8
– Material learning box: made of sturdy plastic

The compact set is ideal for group and silent work, as self-control is possible. There is a small icon in the lower right corner of the cards. If that agrees after turning the cards, everything has been done correctly.

Different forms of representation
– drawn decimal blocks
– place value
– addition or subtraction problems without the transition to tens – addition or subtraction problems with the transition to tens
– numbers

scope of delivery
140 DIN A8 cards each,
made of sturdy plastic, in a learning box

Ref: 86621

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