Mini maracas


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MSmall instrument – great fun
The rhythm instrument is ideal for the early musical education . Due to the adapted size , the smallest can easily learn the first rhythms and tact feeling. The sound bodies are coated with 2 different colors. They sound steamed and dry . This can start making music together in the group or alone.

Maracas or Rumba rattling
They belong to the group of percussion instruments are made up of a hollow body filled with plants, grist or pebbles and a handle. This hollow body originally consisted of dried pumpkins; Today wood, leather or plastics are used. are played in pairs , whereby they are shaken rhythmically so that the typical pounding sound is created. In rattling with different sound colors, the deeper sounding with the right, the higher one with the left hand is played. Maracas are used particularly in Latin American music styles (e.g. at Samba, Rumba or Bossa Nova), but are also suitable As toy instruments and for play in class. Schüttel eggs have similar properties as maracas, but do not have a handle.


Ref: 9961