14 Test Tubes in a Rack


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14 test tubes 

For many experiments in the classroom

  • incl. test tube stand
  • lockable with plastic plugs
  • made of high quality plastic

Perfect for every laboratory
The closable test tubes are suitable for many experiments in the classroom or at home. The unbreakable test tubes are made of high quality plastic and can also be used safely by younger students. You can securely close them with plastic stoppers. This means that long-term experiments can also be carried out in the glasses. When shaking and mixing the plugs are also ideal. As a result, not a drop goes wrong.

Not just as an organizer
In the practical standall test tubes are always tidy. This also enables the results of experiments to be compared at a glance. This immediately shows which student group carried out the experiment correctly and what differences and similarities there are in the different experiments.

Possible experiments:
– growth and germination of plants
– plant absorb water
– water samples from water bodies remove and test
– solids such as sugar or salt in liquids solve
– the ingredients of the food examine
– colors mix
– mixtures and disconnecting

is delivered in surprise color (red , Yellow, blue, green) – no color selection is possible.

– Ø: 2.4 cm
– height: approx.10.5 cm