Ear Muffs Pink


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Children’s hearing protection against noise

  • pleasant wearing comfort
  • Adjustable size
  • Noise reduction by 20 dB

Effective noise reduction
The learning headphones are suitable for minimizing noise and protects children from hearing damage. It offers help with loud music at concerts, fireworks or airplanes by reducing the noise by 20 dB.

Better concentration
The headphones are also ideal for promoting concentration. Less noise makes learning easier and children are less distracted. Thus, the learning headphones are used in school especially for breastfeeding work.

Adapts to any head shape
Both children with a smaller head and children and adolescents with a slightly larger head can put on the headphones. The lateral height adjustment can be adjusted quickly and easily.

In addition, the ear protectors can be folded to save space and are easy to store. You will find space in every bag and can be easily taken anywhere.

Light and comfortable
Since the hearing protection is mainly made of plastic, it is not too heavy on the head. The temple and the protection on the ears are made of synthetic leather.