Vibro Acoustic Platform



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Designed to turn any element of psychomotor into vibroacoustic.

How does it work?

The vibroacoustic platform reproduces the vibrations of songs, melodies and rhythms, and through the Hi-fi speakers you can listen to the music. They can act together music and vibrations in a coordinated way or they can act independently and activate only music or just vibrations. From the amplifier you can configure the bass and treble levels as well as the frequency and intensity of the vibrations.

What does it include?

The platform incorporates everything necessary to operate, controller with USB input, mini jack input, bluetooth and digital display, external speakers, vibrator and wiring. The platform is made of wooden frame, covered with high density foam and covered with PVC serigraphed with waves.

“Feeling the vibration through your body”

Vibrations are one of the first stimulus we can feel. Those short and harmonic vibrations produce a relaxing stimulus and cause direct effects over our emotional state. This platform transmits the waves to the Sumo products placed on the platform and makes these products vibrate as well.

The most recommended products to place on the platform are:

  • Ref 067 – Sleeping mattress
  • Ref 066 – Folding sleeping mat
  • Ref 443 – Bag mat
  • Ref 444 – Nest mat
  • Ref 051 & 051A – Baby chair
  • Ref 441 – Cor boat
  • Ref 058 A, B & C – Change over mattress
  • Ref 620 – Baby sack