Balancing Hedgehog


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Betzold Sport Rainbow Balancing Hedgehogs, set of 6

  • for exciting balancing routes
  • usable on both sides
  • Adjustable level of difficulty

Your balance hedgehog set for young and old
With this balance hedgehog set you will delight the children. The balancing devices are made of high quality, hard-wearing PVC that is easy to clean after training. The set contains 6 pairs of balancing hedgehogs in 6 different rainbow colors. It combines an effective balance training with a pleasant massage effect. You can easily vary the air pressure using a needle valve and increase the balancing challenge.

Effective training with great fun factor
That Balance hedgehog set is ideal for teaching children, adolescents and adults to enjoy movement while offering highly effective training. In the day care center, kindergarten and school, you can incorporate the balance hedgehog in exercise courses, coordination routes and sensory paths. When balancing on the dynamic pads, not only the muscles in the feet are strengthened. Rather, the entire body tries to counteract the movements of the air cushion with compensatory movements and to stabilize the posture. That strengthens the whole body. This is why the knobbed balance cushions are ideal for effective balance training as well as for therapeutic use by people with motor impairments.

– set of 6 rainbow-colored balance hedgehogs
 material: PVC
– balance training and foot massage in one
– easy to clean and washable
– level of difficulty can be regulated by the air pressure
– particularly loadable up to 80 kg
 size: Ø 16 cm

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