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The Spordas Skyfloater ball has been developed for the practice of KIN-BALL®* sport. It can also be used for other cooperative games. Its durable, washable, double-stitched nylon cover ensures maximum durability of the ball, even after intensive use in a competitive environment. Under the cover, a large latex bladder gives the ball its spherical shape; it inflates and deflates quickly thanks to its wide opening. Delivered with a bladder.
* The KIN-BALL® brand is a third-party brand.

Great teamsport played with three teams at the same time on one court, using a giant and light ball. The serving team calls the color of one of the opposite teams of its choice. The team that has been called has to catch the ball before it touches the floor and then serves it back to another team. If a team lets the ball fall on the floor, the two other teams score one point each. Players can use their whole body to keep the ball off the floor but only the upper part to serve the ball.
The size and the lightness of the ball, along with the rules of the game, allow everyone to participate in the action; everybody touches the ball and every team scores points. This sport reaches the important educational objectives of cooperation, fitness, inclusion and sportsmanship.
KIN-BALL® sport is recognized by several national associations of physical educators worldwide.
*The KIN-BALL brand is a third-party brand.

Ref: M492595