It’s been a good 13 years… I remember the day it all began when I was pregnant with my youngest and Paul and I would often bring up the fact that we should start something together … a business, something we could call our own, in the hopes that eventually I would one day be able to be my own boss. I was still a very busy practicing speech – language pathologist back then … with a two year old girl and a boy on the way and a lot of dreams for the future. We knew we wanted to start up something together – we just didn’t know what as yet. So… we put the kettle on (as we always do 🙂 ) and brainstormed different ideas on how we could join forces whilst pooling our resources and skills to create something that would potentially become something bigger by time. Being a speech – language pathologist, and Paul a lecturer, we thought that starting up a business that deals with the supply of educational resources for clinics and schools would be a good idea, especially since as a therapist myself back then I was forced to get everything online from abroad in terms of resources for my clinic – there was literally nowhere we could go to get whatever we needed locally.

Looking back, knowing my husband as well as I do, I could have known where this was going to take me 🙂 Whoever knows Paul knows how steadfast he is – a focused determined man with clear ideas and the type of perseverence that has a mind of its own. And so we started off our journey together … a journey that took us from importation of educational material only initially… and slowly we expanded into creating safe spaces for children and adults in various settings… eventually incorporating the supply of school furniture and creating sensory spaces, safe rooms, multi-sensory rooms, play areas and the lot… and the rest is practically history.
Needless to say all this work meant that I had to leave my job as a speech – language pathologist behind and focus solely on managing our business … but that was the initial idea wasn’t it?

Fast forward thirteen years we are very proud of where we got to, and we remember fondly those early days where we knew so little and made so many mistakes that seem so silly today … but that’s the beauty of it all. To learn and grow means you have to fall and get back up a thousand times and more… you have to be focused, determined, and open to so many different things that come your way…

We now work closely with our various suppliers around Europe and a team of people locally who share our enthusiasm and work ethic… they are the ones who turn our ideas into reality … Without our team, none of our projects would materialize, none of our products would be delivered on time, and we definitely would not have been able to get to where we are today. So we thank them all wholeheartedly for being part of us… for sharing our passion … for making it all possible.

This is how it all started… and this is who we are 🙂