Rhythm Set in Plastic Box


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Betzold Musik instrument box, 30 pieces

30 instruments in one box

  • clearly and neatly stored
  • enables daily music-making
  • enough for a whole class


An instrument for every child
Thanks to the instrument box, every child has their own instrument and is actively involved in the class. No more “first one group – then the other group” – with the musical instrument set you can equip even larger classes and groups of up to 30 children with a great instrument made of wood, metal or plastic. By the way, the children also experience the differences in feel and sound through the different materials .

Rhythmic fun for children
The rhythmic instruments playfully encourage the children’s musicality and sense of rhythm. Motor skills and coordination are also required when it comes to beats and the combination of sounds.

Order in the cupboard
The practical plastic storage box enables easy transport and space-saving storage in the music cupboard .

Storage box size: 20 x 48 x 38 cm

Consists of: 

– 1 dragon’s mouth
– 1 tambourine (20 cm Ø)
– 1 bell ring (20 cm Ø)
– 4 shaking eggs –
4 pairs of beating
sticks (claves) – 1 clay block
– 1 wooden guiro
– 1 four-tone block
– 1 pair of mini maracas
– 2 wooden sticks with bells
– 2 double bell sticks – 1 stick castanets
– 4 wooden round castanets
– 1 ring ring with wooden handle
– 1 plastic ring ring
– 2 pairs of finger cymbals
– 1 triangle (15 cm)
– 1 triangle (10 cm)
– Incl. practical plastic storage box